GSR’s curriculum offers knowledge and skills students require for today’s world and for progression to higher education. Our dedicated and experienced teaching staff aims to use innovative teaching pedagogies which are combined with the latest learning technologies. The ethos at GSR enables students to participate holistically in an inclusive and caring environment created by our committed faculty members.

GSR seeks to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for your child from their early school years to their adolescent years. This involves promoting academic learning and growth in students, coupled with a strong focus on their personal, cultural, social and emotional development. We also aim to provide a solid foundation of skills and values required for living together in the 21st century.

I am pleased to share with you that it is an established fact, nationally and within our global partnering community, that Grammar School Rawalpindi, apart from offering high academic standards lays substantial emphasis on values-based education for sustainable development. We are grateful for this recognition which we have humbly accepted in the form of International Awards received over the past decade.

I strongly believe that the whole school community of which you, our students’ parents, form an integral part, can contribute towards a shared ownership in realizing GSR’s vision. It is about developing each child as a well-rounded individual: socially, emotionally, morally and academically. The values of respect, rule of law, tolerance, courtesy, honesty and cooperation have not only to be taught but role-modeled as well.

Your children, GSR’s students, are part of Pakistan’s best resource, and together we can develop them into conscientious and responsible citizens who will make themselves, you, their alma mater and their homeland proud.

I hope you find this Prospectus informative and comprehensive. Please feel free to contact the school for any further information or query.

Nasreen Iqbal
Grammar School Rawalpindi