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Shakespeares, Merchant of Venice

GSR participated in Shakespeares, Merchant of Venice, the Courtroom scene, one-act play presentation, in ICAS Islamabad. GSR got the first position among the seven schools that participated. The judges were full of appreciation of the acting, delivery of the speech, costumes, direction, and production.
GSR Team's preparation of attention to detail and hard work paid off. We thank OUP for providing a platform for students to study and enact Shakespeare's plays which should be an essential part of any school.


A community service project initiated by GSR in collaboration with Panahgah Government of Pakistan.
Helping your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person. Executive Director GSR "Ms. Nasreen Iqbal" is of the view that this social responsibility falls on each and every one of us. GSR being a true inspiration as it develops a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility among its students.
"We pledge to serve the society"

BCAB aims to promote dialogue and unserstanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan by facilitating book club session between commom themes that are relevant to their living experiences.
"We read to know that we are not alone "
GSR students are happy to be a part of BCAB (book club across borders). They have read NINE books so far and are looking forward to read THREE more books till August with the students of Afghanistan.

Grammar School Rawalpindi students gathered with placards, flags of Pakistan and Kashmir, to show their mutual support for Kashmir. GSR ensuring responsible citizenship.

Grammar School Rawalpindi salutes those who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan. Lets do our share for our country. Happy Defence Day!

Celebrating Independence Day as a community event with Bahria Town, Mr. Fayyaz ud din, Dr. Jamal Nasir, Pakistan Green Task Force and Grammar School Rawalpindi.

Phenomenal academic success. Congratulations to Grammar School Rawalpindi (GSR) teachers and students for securing an excellent result in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part 1

Phenomenal academic success. Congratulations to Grammar School Rawalpindi (GSR) teachers and students for securing an excellent result in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part 2

GSR introduces the club activities 2019 for students to inculcate the conceptual learning of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), improve written and spoken language skills required at international levels and to internalize in students, a mindset and skills that focuses on the 21st century skills for learning.

- Communication
- Collaboration
- Creativity
- Critical Thinking
- Compassion

Grammar School Rawalpindi's In Service Teachers' Training (INSETT) Programme 2019. A weekly series of workshops including: Resilience Building through Mindfulness, Project Based Leaning through Science, Lesson Planning, Work presentation, copy correction (according to SOPs) and micro instructions for teachers, Teaching of English, vision, mission/ 5 Cs of 21st Century, Self Evaluation and Computer Training

GSR is pleased to announce the GSR STEAM Camp in the months of June and July 2019.

The objectives of STEAM camp are:
- to develop a problem-solving mindset in children
- to cultivate competencies for technological advancements in Pakistan and the world
- to inculcate leadership qualities aimed at future technical careers
- to shape scientists, engineers, doctors and innovators of tomorrow
- to instill in-depth knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

STEAM Exhibition is an initiative that encourages student participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In the 21st century, the increasing demand for digital knowledge, integrated with various theoretical subjects, has become crucial. To develop in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subject, hands-on projects are essential for students to develop skills for survival in this era of millennials.
In order to promote and popularize Education for Sustainable Development and to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, this exhibition has been organized to ensure excellence of our youth as they enter an era heavily dependent on Science and Technology.

Open Day at Grammar School Rawalpindi on the theme of Islamic Behaviour. Grammar School Rawalpindi Senior Section Chaklala Branch performed skits and songs on the theme of Islamic behavior to provide a counter narrative to the one being promoted in our country and which is not based on genuine Islamic teachings. Teachers at the school wrote scripts based on the noble Islamic (and universal values) keeping in mind the need of values based education and Islamic practice. Parents of students, GSR alumni and special guests were invited.

Grammar School Rawalpindi in partnership with Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO celebrates International Teachers' Day 2018 to collaborate with teachers through PNCU's platform, celebrate International Teachers' Day Event in a meaningful manner, recognize the services of the teachers, reinforce 21st Century Learning Skills and to share the concept of Mindfulness

GSR Pioneering Mindfulness Certificate Program for students and teachers with
London South Bank University, UK. Welcomes Nadia Imtiaz, Research Officer, London South Bank University,
UK for a 10 days Mindfulness in Class Programme."

GSR's Education for Sustainable Development:
Pioneering education for Peace and Human Rights, Heritage Education,
Education for Tourism in Pakistan and Mindfulness Programme in partnership with London South Bank University, UK

Zunaira Atif of class 5, Grammar School Rawalpindi wins silver medal in "All Pakistan Art and Creative Writing Competition 2018" under category "Daffodils", held by HR Consultant Association Pakistan. The theme for art competition was "Flowers".

As UNESCO ASPnet active school, GSR participates in walk for Literacy and Skill Development headed by Education Minister Pakistan Shafqat Mahmood. Walk began around 9:30 am and lasted till 10:30 am. From Shaheed e Millat Metro Stop Islamabad to D-Chowk.

Pakistan Defence Day, Salute to national heroes by GSR.

Moments captured from Independence Day Celebration: Speaker sessions, mimes, milli naghmas, celebration!

Grammar School celebrates Independence Day in a Meaningful Manner

Grammar School Rawalpindi plants mini forest in Chaklala Scheme III

GSR's Robotics Summer Camp, an opportunity to innovate, create and design. Limited seats available!!!

GSR visit to Norwegian Embassy on the National Day of Norway

GSR actively participates in Quetta Literary Festival!!!

Spring Festival

Pakistan Day

World Health Day

International Day of Street Children

Graduation and Awards Day, Rah-e-Aman Branch

Earth Day

Graduation and Awards Day, Junior Section, Lalazar Branch

Labour Day

Red Crescent Day

Mother's day

International Day of Families

International Day of Biological Diversity