Admission Process

  • Boys and girls are admitted to GSR after passing admission tests based on Maths, English and Urdu for the level they are applying.
  • Fifty percent marks must be attained in all three tests for the admission to be considered.
  • Admission is given based on merit and dependent on available class-room seating.
  • Children seeking admission to Montessori must be at least three years old & toilet- trained.
  • Despite all of the above, the Principal of the Section/Branch would be the final authority in granting admission.
  • In order to complete the admission formalities, the following are required:
    • Completed Admission Form
    • Two passport size pictures of the child being admitted
    • Photocopy of the family's Form 'B' of NADRA
    • Photocopy of one parent's National Identity Card
    • School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended (if relevant)
    • Dues including admission fee, annual fund & appropriate tuition fee being paid up.

Note: In case of transfer cases from one GSR branch to the other, the office concerned would transfer all records of the student concerned to the branch they are transferring to.


  • Textbooks may be bought at the beginning of the school year from prescribed book sellers.
  • Notebooks & other supplementary academic materials have to be bought from the school section/branch concerned.


  • Uniforms can be bought from the prescribed dealers.
  • From Classes Prep to X and O-3, the following accessories alongwith the uniform would be worn:
    • Blazers (with school badge): Navy blue
    • Shoes: Black joggers
    • Socks: White for girls, grey for boys
    • Headgear: Black (including Hijab)
    • Muffler: Grey woollen
    • Cap: Grey woollen
    • Gloves: Grey woollen
  • Class Montessori would wear:
    • Shirts: Red-&-white checked
    • Shalwars/tights: White
    • Trousers: Grey