To enable young people to become productive, humane and responsible citizens of Pakistan and the world.

Mission Statement

Grammar School Rawalpindi (GSR) seeks to provide for its students a global education in an encouraging and supportive environment. It promotes acceptance and belonging and facilitates personal and social development among students at all levels of school.
GSR's curriculum aims at maintaining a high standard in academics, while at the same time incorporating and focusing on development of necessary citizenship values, skills and attitudes.
GSR promotes a culture of learning which recognises that learners absorb in different ways. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning by utilizing innovative learning strategies and thinking skills. Developing a nurturing and stimulating environment is thus central to our learning philosophy.
GSR aims to assist students in making sense of the world they live in and the experiences they undergo. They are nudged towards realizing their self -worth through their own self-cultivation, so that they can live in a responsible way and can have a positive effect on their communities.
The belief the school holds is that all children must be given the space, impetus and opportunity to think critically and analytically, to be equipped adequately for problem-solving and decision-making, to help themselves to develop the capacity of tolerance for diversity and compassion for others and for nature and uphold the positive beliefs, practices and values from their culture.


GSR's motto "Onwards Upwards" reflects a progressive, child-centred, values-oriented approach that allows each student to develop in a multi-faceted manner. At the heart of this approach is the development of a world-view in our students that would lead to the outcome of UNESCO's Delors Report, Four Pillars of Learning for the Twenty-first Century.

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This encompasses the belief that knowledge, skills, attitudes and values must be an essential part of the holistic education provided by the school. The development of these concepts lays the foundation for a global and sustainable development education leading to communities which are just and balanced.